May 5, 2011

Grammy Nan

It's our Grammy Nan's Birthday Today!!!
Briggsie did his best job posing for these pictures because I told him in was Grammy's Birthday.  
He even sang her the "happy birthday" song, (his favorite), as he posed (notice top right).  

He loves his Grammy!
We hope you have a wonderful day Nan!
Love you SO much! 


Trevor and April said...

Man I love him! Happy Birthday Nan.

McKinley said...

bahhahahahahahahhaha he is soooooooooooo cute! I love how he put it under his chin!!! I just love him!

Adrienne said...

i've said it a million times, but that boy is to die for. seriously he is so cute. luke looks like bryce as a baby more and more. hope he takes after his cousin! love you and miss you guys. sarah i can't wait to talk to you. i'll call you asap.

Tom and Nan said...

Thanks, Briggs and Sarah for the birthday wishes. Just that little face makes this a great day. Love you. Miss you more than you know!