Feb 26, 2011

Snow Lovers

I like snow, only when It's warm outside.  Today it was.
I broke out Briggsies new Snowboard and we gave it a whirl.
He was so ready, and SO into the idea.
 With a little help from Dad, Briggs was all smiles and couldn't get enough of snowboarding.
 Then He just took off himself.... huh?!  Ya, this kid is a Lindsey. 
 The little man is hooked, just like his Dad. 
 We made our first snowman.  He was a bit tipsy and immediately fell over. (notice his right eye in the process of falling out as well)  I need more practice with snowman constructing. 
 Then onto snowball throwing.  Briggsies favorite past-time is throwing.  He was in heaven. 
 Bryce and I also got a little snow ourselves.  We went up to a resort and went snowboarding and stayed the night at a nice condo for Valentines.   
It's been a pretty good winter.  Snows one day, then melts the next.   Glad we had an opportunity to play in it. 


Heather said...

Can your whole family be any cuter?

McKinley said...

I can totally see the Steed side in Briggsies! What a cute little boy... WHAT A BOY he is! He is just like his daddy, I can't believe it. Sarah you are so beautiful, and you look so good. You and Bryce make a great couple. Miss you cute girl!

Eric said...

Sarah, that boy has PERFECT FORM. With both snowboarding and throwing. He is going to a pro athlete and if that doesn't work out for him, there is always modeling :)
We miss all of you SO much.

Justin + kelly said...

Briggs is a stud. Period.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

OMG can he be any more of a stud?!? Snowboarding by himself at 2? I love this little man so much!!!