Oct 23, 2010

A Frightening Infatuation

Haunted Farm House.
Love this creepy place. 
This is an abandoned farm that I discovered close to our home.
Both Bryce and Briggs are afraid of this place. I however, could come here everyday and just hang out.
On one of my "hang-out" occasions I met the owner as he made his monthly drive-by.
He let me go through the place and take whatever I wanted. I nabbed some old doors and windows!
Not quite sure what I'm going to do with them. But they rock!
There's something about boys and random toilets that go together.

This Place is beautiful, even though It's totally haunted and scary, I could live here. sigh.

On a different note, we had an awesome time at the local pumpkin patch.
Briggs was in heaven.
He was more into the farm equipment, random contraptions, and jumping off things, than the pumpkins. (umm...apparently so was I)


Josh and Megan said...

Sarah! You are an amazing photographer. I love all your pictures...you need to start a business! Briggs is as handsome as ever!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Those pictures are amazing!! I love them! How do you get Briggs to pose like that? We tried to take pictures of Carly and she just would not stay still for a second.

Layton family said...

I can't believe what a photographer you have become. You make each moment seem like a great memory. That little guy couldn't be more handsome! Good Looking parents, lucky guy!

Alex and Jane said...

Your pictures are beautiful, and so is Briggs.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I miss you guys!!! Your pics are amazing!! And briggs is seriously one of the most beautiful little persons I have ever seen!!!

Ruthie said...

Stunning! I'd like to order a poster size of all these photos to hang on my walls! I'm glad that you've finally decided to become a photographer!
Hugs and kisses!

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Amazing and talented....

Enough said.

McKinley said...

Sarah you take amazing photos! I love all of these. PS even thought that house is haunted and creepy, it makes one of the best photo props ever! You are very talented!

The Jolley's said...

Sarah. Your pictures are so so great. Would you be able to take pictures of my family! We need a recent picture of us with Benson. You are so talented.