Sep 22, 2010

A whole Litter

This Feral Cat,

Gave birth to these 6 kittens

Under our deck

We are now the proud owners of 7 cats.
Cheetos, Tom, Carrot-top, Black n' Blue, Ruthie, Mailman,
and Mum (I love the Brits accent for Mom)

We're not really animal people.

But, look how cute they are!

We're not quite sure what to do with them though......?

Anyone want this cute little face?!!! How could you not.


Elise said...

HOW CUTE! All of the feral cats in our neighborhood are not friendly. I am such a cat person, but Skyler is so allergic. Good luck finding homes or enjoy the family of kittens!

Pink Little Ladies said...

Oh kitten or so cute!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

OMG!!! Your so lucky!!! I LOOOOOVE KITTENS!!! They're so stinkin cute!!!

Adrienne said...

they are so cute, but what ARE you gonna do with all of them? jd, (not the cat lover) had one idea, but i told him he's cruel. hope you find homes for them. will you keep any?

Miller Time said...

I would honestly love one to be a mouser for us. But you live too far away!

The Drawes said...

How can we get one from you guys?! I love the colored one! Maybe you named him black and blue? Do you ever make it to Utah? Maybe i can meet you half way?!

McKinley said...

Cute, wonderful, and beautiful Sarah! I have lost and now found your blog!!! I hope you don't mind that I will now follow you and put you on my blog list of people I love to follow! I just had Golden Spoon with Tami and I thought, I had to see what was going on in your life. This blog is darling, and your little boy is sooooo handsome. Congrats to you and Bryce. I would also like to apologize for not returning your call a million years ago. I got a new phone and number and lost yours in the transition... so I was not able to return your call! I am a horrible person! I miss you and hope that everything is going so well in your life... which it looks like it is. XOXO McKinley