Sep 20, 2010


I'm pretty much in-love with taking pictures of Briggs.
He's the perfect little subject for my photography obsession
And as you know, I can NEVER post just 1 picture.
(Although I'm sure the Grammy's & Papa's don't mind :)
His new favorite things: Vitamins!!!! Usually the first thing he says when he wakes is "Buddy do" Which translated means...Vitamins.
His next favorite word is "Shaved Ice" (thanks to Dad) and is pronounced: "Dice"
I got him this cute little skateboard because he was trying to get on Daddy's big skateboards, which scared me, so I thought a littler one would be a safer bet.
As you can see he's already doing tricks off the thing.
I've been informed this trick is called the "kick foot."
Other Briggsie Words:
Chip Dip (Tip Dip)
I love You (I ya yoo)
I got it (I gog ees)
Oh no (ah no)
I don't know (I ha no)
Water (wa wa)

The funniest thing he says, that his Dad taught him, is "Uncle."
He says this whenever we are wrestling, hugging, holding or cuddling him in anyway.
It means...let me go!
I pulled out my camera the other night, Briggs saw me, got a terrified look on his face and ran/sprinted away, looking back multiple times to assure I wasn't "following" him.
Yikes. I might need some other people to practice on. I'm creating a camera phobic child. Sad :(


Trevor and April said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I love the one where he is sitting down with the skateboard on his lap with a little "ya caught me" look on his face.
I want to know how the little girls don't swoon when he comes around shirtless and all...

Adrienne said...

he's such a stud. i'm obsessed with your photography :). miss you guys.

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

You're going to have to keep chasing him with that camera because I love the pictures of him.

Miller Time said...

You are a great photographer Sarah! It helps to have a beautiful subject :)

Layton family said...

Sarah, he is such a doll. I can't believe you got a skate boarding pic like that. I miss you! How are you guys

Our Journey to Africa said...

You can borrow my children as subjects any day. Kristin especially loves having her pictures taken =)

Marc and Stacy said...

You don't know me. I'm Sam's good friend, but I blog stalk her family because she just talks so highly of all of you and I feel like I know you all already.
Anyway, I just have to say, I didn't think your family could get more beautiful, but then you started taking pictures of your life and I have to say, your photography is amazing! Seriously, if you ever come visit Sam and Eric and want some subjects to shoot, you can come take pics of my kids anytime! :)

Janet said...

So my question is: what vitamins do you give him? I need some for my little ones :)

Tom and Nan said...

Great pictures of our beautiful little guy!