Jul 5, 2010

What does Shaved-ice, Flag Brownies, Rapids, & Monsoons have in common?

Life & Death.

Read on....
So, the last couple months Briggs has grown out of his clothes & shoes.
He started saying words and... he's really funny.
He's a little daredevil. Nothing scares the kid.
He loved jumping on Auntie's Trampoline. Takes extreme concentration to get that high.
We went to St. George for family reunion on both sides.
It was lots of fun with the Grammy's, Papa's, Cousins, Auntie's & Uncles.
Then Papa and Grammy Steed visited us at our house.
Papa made our nasty garden nice and pretty and Briggsie was there every second of the project.
Bryce and Spence have been selling shaved-ice every chance they get. Look at the line!
We took Briggs on his first real hike up in the mountains of Estes Park.
He couldn't get enough! The kid hiked half of it by himself...in sandles!
It was neccessary, however, to make frequent stops to observe the wild-life.
Then....Spencer turned 30! Holla!
We took him on a river rafting expedition down trecherous terrain.
Spencer will live to see his 31st birthday.
I, however, was the one who almost died after some rapids tried swallowing me whole!
Thanks to my guide, Bryce and Spencer for clinging onto me for dear life while I hung half-way out of the boat with the rapids desiring to beat me to a bloody pulp. enough said.
We went to a 4th of July parade.
Instead of watching the floats, Briggs prefered the Jungle-gym.
We took Briggsie to the local petting zoo at the fair grounds.
He was fearless.
Bryce & Spence sold shaved Ice for the 4th and unfortunately instead of good-weather and mucho sales, they were inflicted with a freaken Monsoon!
They came home shivering and drenched with no money in their pockets and reports of their shade breaking into 10 pieces while almost taking Spencer's head off as it flew 95 mph wrapping itself around a tree. Unretrievable. Sad.
But, little did they know that they were coming home to a plate of gluten-free flag brownies! yeah-ya!
I love Independance day.

In the next couple weeks we'll be traveling to:
California, Lake Powell, Draper and Park City for little trips!
So excited....


Joy For Your Journey said...

Sarah, it is so good to hear from you again. It looks like you have had a wonderful summer so far with a lot more fun to come! The pictures are so cute--although the one with the men without shirts made me a bit nervous about their pants falling off! :-)

I am glad things are going well for you.

Layton family said...

'bout time you updated! What a little doll, who has the cutest clothes. Um did you say you were visiting Cali?

MissKris said...

Wow sounds like you're having an awesome summer! I'm glad you posted so many pics! I've missed your updates!!!

Trevor and April said...

I miss you! ps they did a really good job fixing up the snoasis shack, it looks great.

Aleena said...

Looks like Briggs really "loves" gluten-free brownies...NOT.

Nat said...

Oh Sweet Sarah!... I love your posts! :) Hey!... you need another lil' munckin added to the family! Briggs is the most handsome lil' man ever! :) You are the cutest momma ever! I really wish you were still in the area so we could get together too! But... looks like life is treatin' you guys well! If you have time while you're here.... CALL!!! 310-658-8354!! I would love to catch up with you, babe! Love ya!! XOXO! :)