Apr 5, 2010

A Gentleman's Easter

For Easter Briggsie got his first suit.
He was VERY serious and nice as I took pictures. It must have been the gentleman in him.
I might need him to wear this suit everyday.
We had Briggs color eggs. He picked up the idea really fast.
Unfortunately He didn't realize the colors dye the counter when spilled.
What a mess!
We had a neighborhood egg hunt.
So fun watching Briggs pick up and stick the eggs in his basket.
Then he realized he could throw the eggs on the ground, splitting them in half to reveal candy!
Holidays are so much more fun with this little guy.


Jones said...

he is to die for. what a handsome little man! i am in love with the suit. glad you guys had a fun easter

Jones said...

ps he needs to model

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

he is sooo cute. I can't stand it. You are going to be in trouble with that boy. I love him. We missed you guys over Easter. I kept thinking about last Easter how Briggsie was so little and he held the easter basket all by himself.

MissKris said...

CUTE pictures! What a handsome little guy. Personally, I love that he acted all serious all dressed up.

Layton family said...

Sarah, he really is such a brown eyed piece of chocolate!!!! I love that suit. send it to me when he grows out of it.

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a cutie!! I love the suit. He looks like such a little man in it.

I also had to laugh at your other post about Briggs and his small head. If only Carly and Briggs could average their head size it would be perfect for both. She is in about the 35 percentile for everything but head size and she is in the 90s for that. I think she gets it from her Grandpa Wes. :-)

The Little's said...

Happy Easter! I sure love all your posts about little Briggsie!

Eric said...

i miss that kid so much it hurts.
i may just fly out and steal him for a day.

uncle e

Ruthie said...

Thank you so much for sharing Briggsies Easter with us. He certainly looks like a gentleman and a very handsome one at that!

Hugs and kisses for all!

Skye said...

COULD HE BE ANY CUTER???!!!! He's so big Sarah!! We miss you guys!

Lisa said...

He is SOOOOOO adorable!!! He just keeps getting cuter by the day! Love him, and YOU!