Mar 8, 2010

Tall and Lean with a Small Head

I finally went in to the pediatrician for Briggsies 12 month well-checkup. (He's almost 14 months...)

95th percentile in Height (32.5 inches)
50th Percentile in weight (24 lbs)
35th percentile in head circumference. (18.25 inches)

Although he is a growing boy, he runs around constantly burning massive amounts of calories so unfortunately, he can't keep the weight on! So sad to be him...right?
His new favorite thing recently is climbing onto, and balancing (standing) on the rocking chair glider Ottoman. The concentration on his face is palatable. (I won't let him stand unless I'm right next to him...just in case.)
He thrives on being outdoors. He squeals like a school girl when I let him penetrate the barriers of my 4 walls. He will be in heaven when spring comes.

And.... Even though it sounds like he speaks some fluent unique Slavic dialect, he has said his first word that we can understand (besides the word Mom & Dad). The word is Peek-a-boo! He also says a versions of Ball, although, at this point it sounds only like a monkey grunt.


Joy For Your Journey said...

What a cute boy!! And growing up so fast. How funny that his first word was peek a boo! He must love playing that game. My daughter Michelle said her first word when she picked up a phone, put it to her ear and said "Hello?" Perhaps I talked on the phone a lot back then. :-)

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

He's perfect and lucky for him he has great genes. I love his slavic dialect it's sooo cute. I miss you guys.

MissKris said...

That is such a great picture! I wish you lived closer so I could visit!

Janet said...

Ok, I feel much better knowing he has a small head. Because when he was next to Ian I was starting to get a complex about Ian's gigantic head!!! Phew.

Alex and Jane said...

These are similar to Johnny's measurements. For a long time my dad called him a tall, thin, pinhead. Cute huh? Maybe it is just part of being a growing boy that prohibits weight gain. I know I never had that problem.

Ruthie said...

I want to pinch his skinny cheeks!
...both ends. Give Briggie kisses from grammie.

Live Well With Judi said...

He's a darling boy Sarah! I'm sure he's going to have great balance and be a bit of a dare devil cuz he has his daddy's genes. Keep your tennis shoes on as I'm sure you'll be chasing him all summer!! Hugs

Burnhams said...

My baby is short, and fat with a big head... who would win in a fight? haha.. jk. He is adorable!