Jan 3, 2010


The joy of Briggsies 1st sledding trip was experienced with his friends Brennon, Tate, & Savannah.
Cool, Calm, & Collected as he lay in the sled while vrooming down the hill
Little Savannah was a pro-sledder with the win for the longest distance
Then...we have the snow-skate.
Brennon figured it out pretty quickThen we have....OOPS someone, who's name shall remain anonymous, wrecked with hard impact to the stomach region. No internal damage that we know of.
Briggsie received a hardy lunch at the hill.
The white fluff looked so appetizing. A balanced meal of Water, Dirt,& Soot. With maybe a little yellow dessert on the side. That's my boy.


Janet said...

This is awesome!!!

Adrienne said...

Fun! He's a such a little Bryce. I love him!

Anonymous said...

Briggs is soo cute! He is such a handsome little guy. Im glad you guys get to still enjoy the snow :)