Jan 1, 2010

His first Christmas

At first Briggsie was scared of our Christmas Tree. Checking it out from all sides, but not daring to go near. After a bit of coaxing, by taking his hand and petting the tree very nicely, he finally felt comfortable enough to help me apply the decorations. He was fascinated by our Manger scene in a globe and when I wasn't looking, broke off the wing of the Angel flying above it.
And of course I told him the story about the nativity. While I was in the depths of my story, and Briggs seemed totally enthralled, baby Jesus suddenly went missing!
Thank goodness Briggsie was keeping him safe in his mouth. So we carefully returned him to his manger and the story ended and the nativity went on a high shelf.
Briggs met Santa Claus Himself!
This particular Santa didn't like Children.
I don't blame Briggsie for crying.
So, a nice Santa came to our Colorado house 3 days before Christmas.
We wanted to have an ugly Christmas Sweater eve, but turns out that we only had cute sweaters.
Although Briggsie received a lot of nice gifts, he was way excited about the wrapping paper this year.
We spent the Real Christmas at Grammy & Poppy Steeds House
The Hill cousins were there with the new twins
Check out the stash!
We went to my favorite place Christmas night, temple square.
It was freezing and beautiful at the same time

Poppy kept little Briggsies hands warm.
Thank goodness for Poppy's!
We had a WONDERFUL Christmas!
Merry Christmas to Everyone.