Jan 20, 2010

Guys Weekend

My awesome sis-in-law, Sam, secretly planned a surprise trip for Bryce's Brother, Eric, to come out and visit us from California! They were able to talk their father, Papa Lindsey, to come also for a guys get-away. Sam made it possible for them to go snowboarding for the weekend at a nice resort. They also had a tennis competition and indulged in shaved-ice. Bryce was SO HAPPY to have his family taste his favorite treat.
I was really impressed with how many Papa could put down.
Sneaky Papa was trying to give Briggsie a suger- high

Briggsie was so excited to be part of the Manly weekend.
I wish a got more pictures of the fun!
We were so happy to have Eric and Tom come visit us.
Thank you Sammie!


Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Eric had a blast, thanks for helping me plan it for him. You guys are so awesome, we just can't stay away. I want to see your house now.