Jul 7, 2009


I love this sneaky smile
We got the results from Briggsies MRI.
We received 2 differing opinions.
The radiologist thought it looks like he has a Tethered cord. This is where the spinal cord fails to separate from the skin of the back during development, preventing it from ascending normally. Although the skin is separated and closed at birth, the spinal cord stays in the same location after the closure. As the child continues to grow, the spinal cord can become stretched, causing neurological damage and interfering with the blood supply to the spinal cord. This can lead to sensory and motor problems, as well as loss of bladder and bowel control.
HOWEVER, the Neurosurgeon thought that it didn't look like a Tethered cord. He said he doesn't think it's abnormal. I think he's right.
We hopefully will have a different Neurosurgeon look at it and give us another opinion.
I think Briggsie will be just fine. Mothers instincts.
Thanks for everyones concern


Nedra said...

I think those Mother's Instincts are very strong for a reason. I'm betting on you Sarah. Give Briggs a kiss from Auntie Nedra, and keep us posted.

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Ok, so Neurosurgeons know MORE than Radiologists. Our little Briggsie Boy is just fine. Now give those chubby cheeks lots of kisses for me. Love you.

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am going with the neurosurgeon!!