Jun 30, 2009


Briggsie has been changing so much lately!!!!
He loves to play with his feetWatch his favorite show....Baby Einstein
And today he sat up all by himself!
He also tried to drink out of his own bottle
He loves to bite me as I feed him.
When I scream from the pain he laughs and smiles.
Lucky me


the Eggett's said...

Briggs is quite possibly one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. The pictures of the smile on his face with spinach smeared all over him are priceless! Cute kid!

Tom and Nan said...

Those are some mighty fine teeth. He already looks like he's into something he shouldn't be into. Keep an eye on that little mischief maker.

Ruth said...

I LOVE him! Thank you for tracking his baby days so we don't miss it! Bryce and Sarah, you two are amazing parents!

Adrienne said...

That toothy little grin is TO DIE FOR! Words can't describe his cuteness. I wish we could hang out all the time. We miss you guys terribly. Love you!

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

YAY Briggs, we're so proud of you for sitting up already. Your big cousin can't wait to play with you. Try not to bite your mommy when you're eating, even if it is just a love bite. We're aching for our little man over here.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little guy. I'm sorry to hear about the MRI, I hope that everything turns out okay. Let us all know when you have a chance.