May 11, 2009

Soon to be a REALITY

Bryce has a dream.
A shaved-ice vision.
His dream.............

to partake of the fluffy white shimmery mouth-watering substance whenever he wants

To see peoples faces light up with joy when they sip a chilly morsel

To take pleasure in observing happy people

To bring the community together

Create future generations of addicts

Our awesome friends, the Seyboldts, were the first to experience the magic

Already a line?!

Snoasis is a the next big thing people! Come to town and get yer's tday!


The Smiths said...


Adrienne said...

my mouth is watering. i am beyond hot and can't even imagine what "chilly morsel" of that would do for me right now! we might have to make a trip out just for that!

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

I might just have to move in with you guys until this babe is born. I think I'll be craving a couple every day. Got room for the two of us?

Landon and Dana said...

mmmmmmm, i need me some of that!

Kimberly said...

We, the Seyboldts, have loved every single bite of those snowy, chilly, mouthwatering shaved ice (what is the plural for that? shaved icees???) Anyhow, whatever the plural...we LOVE them!!! That is why we feed Bryce and Sarah a couple times a week...just so they can repay us with SHAVED ICE!!!

The Little's said...

Can't wait! Hopefully it's like the stuff we got in Laie, HI! That was my favorite. Can you beat it?? I challenge you to amaze me!

Trevor and April said...

YAY!!!!!! I am so proud!!!! For being someone who is a huge advocate for and frequent consumer of the snoasis I feel incredibly happy that it is now in the FAMILY! I just have one question, do you offer the "glacier" and cream? CONGRATULAIONS!!! You are guys are awesome!

Jessett said...

OMG!!1 I so want one.... It is so hot in Vegas right now. GOod luck with your new adventures. You are going to make millions... I can already see it.