Apr 22, 2009

Wut we bin up 2

Briggs is addicted...to T.V.... Thanks to Dad. I was holding him and he was fussing then he arched his back and landed in the position shown above all in an effort to view the T.V. in which he immediately stopped fussing and watched his favorite show, the Denver Nuggets playoff game.
My circus clowns have been working on mastering the art of the balancing baby act.

Briggs HATES tummy time. We've been trying to practice more this week, trying to average at least 5 min/day which is a nightmare!
I decided after having a boy that doesn't sleep all day long and survives solely on 5-10 min catnaps, that It's time for a routine!
I've been putting him to sleep at the same time for his afternoon nap and he loves it!
He naps for 3 hours straight and still goes to sleep at night.
I've been making a wedding-cake for my Sisters wedding in June
Hope it turns out!

I went out with the ladies. It was my sweet friend Kims birthday and she's due in 6 weeks! She look fab.


The Little's said...

Routines are the way to go...even when they get older! Also...my kids might be addicted to TV, too. Dora drives me nuts, but I could sing the theme song in my sleep! Oh, and just wait until Bryce tries the balancing act with Briggs standing up! My husband would do it with both kids by only holding onto feet! I'm surprised all of us survived!! Good luck on the cake!! I love the colors!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Camille's baby was getting addicted to TV as well so they had to turn off the TV around her (but Grandpa Wagner let her watch basketball when she was visiting!:-) Your pictures are so cute!!! I love all the ones of your baby. He sure poses well for the camera! I think you have a little ham on your hands.

Lindsey said...

Hi Sarah, I happened to stumble on your blog from Kelsey's...hope that doesn't scare you. Anyways, my baby girl is a couple of weeks older than Briggs and does the cat nap thing (which I HATE!!) How did you get him onto the routine of taking a long nap? I need details...just the thought of having even a couple hours to myself makes me giddy : )

Again sorry if this is creepy to have a stranger comment on your blog.

Dave and Camille said...

You have such a cute family. And you look HOT! Even though Carly has been banned from all TV watching - she still pulls some amazing acrobatic moves in an effort to see it. Even when it's not on... I wonder what the draw is? Anyways... are you guys going to be in town on May 16th? We're going to be up in Ft. Collins for my SIL's graduation and would love to get together with you guys! Let me know :)

Layton family said...

Those are good pics. My favorite is the tummy time shot. Usually we get pics of them lying down and there faces fall differently than we know them, but tummy time shots are the key to the cutest pics. Hope you are all well!

Judi said...

Oh my, he is the cutest baby in the world! You're so lucky. I want to kiss those lips every time I see him. I'm excited to see everyone again at April's wedding. Hugs