Mar 10, 2009

What a Blessing

Briggs was blessed in Utah last weekend March 8th. The whole family was there on both sides to support us. It was a wonderful experience.Here he is all ready for the big day!He was blessed on the same day as his cousin Maddison Lindsey White

His blessing shoes were too small for him so Grandma Ruthie cut the backs and added elastic...after that they fit great!
His cousins on the Lindsey side
His cousins on the Steed side

The Lindsey family and friends that came to support
My sisters spent the whole day before his blessing fixing scrumptious food.
They make the best!
Here is Briggs and his cousin Navy - 4 months older than him
Here is Briggs and his cousin Maddie - 12 days younger than him

We had a wonderful trip and we were so grateful to the many family and friends that supported us and Briggs.

We love and miss you all!!!


Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

I'm so glad that we didn't miss that. It was the best experience. Your sisters are the best for making us all the yummy food. Briggs is so lucky to have such an amazing mommy and daddy.