Dec 17, 2008

The week before Christmas

I've been feeling the holiday cheer and desiring to discharge my inner home-maker...
I tried to "make," "bake," & "cook" new things this week that i've NEVER endeavored.

1st Challenge:
Home-Making raspberry jam.

My sweet friend, Kim, taught me how. Raspberries were on sale for a great price!

Turn-out: exquisite

2nd Challenge:
Home-making Cinnamon Rolls

I got to baby-sit our Friends children, Parker & Savannah, and they helped me make the rolls! They did great.

Unfortunately, after 4 unsuccessful batches, i gave up. Can it be THAT hard to make sweet rolls! Truthfully, the last batch wasn't too bad. However, this home-making challenge was too hard for me. I should have had a step-by-step coach for my first attempt. Turn-out: unattractive tasting :(

3rd Challenge:
Home-cookin Veggies YUM!!

Turn-out: FAB

4th Challenge:
Home-Dehydrated Apples
Turn-out: Lip-smacking

5th Challenge:
Home-making Cookies
For mia-maid & neighbor gifts
Thanks to my Mom's & Sister Aprils tips, they turned out...
Turn-out: a hit!

Bryce had a brilliant idea to go on a walk around the lake in the -2 degree weather the other night.
We prep'd with our warm clothing.
I couldn't fit in my "skinny" warm clothes,
So I had to borrow Bryce's
We were freezing!...
It was very inspirational
This is my Favorite Pic
My eskimo
A couple days before it got cold, it was warm!
We went up in the mountains The river was frozen
Lately Bryce has really enjoyed his new snow gun
Erik, Bryce's Bro, sent it to him for his Birthday.
He can't get enough of it.


Adrienne said...

Oh my! You are quite the homemaker Sarah! You almost inspired me to bake something. Maybe when we're all in CA together :). Can't wait to see you.

Nedra said...

You just need your mama next to you to make those cinnamon rolls. Hers are to die for! (As you probably know). Trust me, this home maker thing gets a little easier each year. Keep up the practicing and you'll do great. Actually, I think you did great already. Those other dishes look wonderful.

April said...

I actually am quite impressed. It actually all looks really good, especially the vegetables. Love you lady!

Terri said...

I love your new healthy blog. I printed out the whole thing to hang on my fridge! You are an amazing writer and I love your positive attitude!

Elise said...

All of your food looks amazing! I wish I had more time to do stuff like that. And who cares what your sweet rolls look like? It's all about how they taste. And what is a snow gun? Skyler might need one!

Elise said...

We went private a few weeks ago. Skyler wanted to for work purposes. I went along with it, but I don't like it. Email you so I can add you and you can see our blog. costaricaelise at gmail dot com

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

I want one of those jams for Christmas. Can't wait till next week.

The Drawes said...

You must tell me where you got this snow gun!! And by the way... I love your new website! It's making me want to get all skinny and eat only what i can shoot and pick! :) thanks!!