Dec 2, 2008


We had a great time in Utah for Thanksgiving. We had great company and amazing usual. It was SO fun!

I have the best friends and family. Our little boy has been well taken care of. I'm so grateful for all the support we've received. We are so blessed.

My sister made this quilt for our little guy! It looks so cute in his room. My aunt Terri and cousin Brooke made this quilt. So cute! I wish i got some of the talent my Mom, sisters, aunt, cousins, etc have for sewing.

These are some of the wonderful people who came to my shower. My sisters did such a good job! I had a great time seeing people i hadn't seen in a long time.... i love that!

We also played some fun games, like smell the poopy diaper (it was really melted chocolate, we had to guess what kind of candy you can imagine i was awful at the game) My cute little cousing won!
We had a great week.
It was a great Thanksgiving week because i'm so thankful for my life. It's so good with such good people in it.


Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

That quilt your sister made is Amazing. You're so lucky to have such crafty sisters. Sarah, you look so great, just beaming with pride.

Mark and Juli said...

Who made the rolls? They looked so good. What a creative game. Smell to poopy diaper. If I could taste it I would win. I love your blog. It makes me feel good. It sure was fun to be with you and Bryce in Denver. Love you both, Mark

Layton family said...

Wow, that belly is growing. What is that 6 showers now? I need to call you back still, huh. soon my friend, sorry I am a slacker on that

Anonymous said...

It was so fun to see you, you are so cute. Can't wait to see pictures of little Briggs!

Lisa said...

Those Rolls look freaking delicious! I want a recipe!!!! Not joking, I really want it. Look at your cute belly.... Isn't it crazy?!?!?! Love the quilts too