Dec 23, 2008

It's my big sisters birthday!

Happy Birthday Monica!

My sister Monica is the nicest person I've ever met.
She was my best friend growing up and I absolutely idolized her...and still do.

I was constantly trying to be like her and pretty much still am. She is so incredibly patient, the best mom in the world and so fun and easy to be around. People are drawn to her. She is an incredible example to me. She's always thinking of others and aware of everybody's needs. Which is a feature not very many people have. AND She is the MOST genuine person in the world.

When I've ever felt a bit "off" like I should be on another planet (does anyone get like that sometimes, or is it just me) I remember that Monica and I share blood and it makes me feel normal again. (I know this sounds weird, but that thought has seriously helped me through some rough personal times)

Have you ever met anyone that you know is a ancient spirit, who's way beyond their years and who seems to have overcome all earthly issues....that's my sis.

I love you Monica! Have a special day.


Nedra said...

I agree 100 %!!!!! When you talk to her tell her I said Happy Birthday!

Cairen said...

Oh Happy Birthday Monica! We love her too, and appreciate her kindness and love toward our little family.

Joy For Your Journey said...

That is so sweet! I love you both.
Aunt Lori

Dave and Camille said...

You're getting so close (if you haven't already secretly given birth already!). Good luck with everything... and trust me, enjoy your sleep now! Ha! Keep us updated and I hope everything goes well with you guys. We definitely have to get these kids together to "play." If there's anything you need, please ask! :)

Kristi said...

Sarah, Hi Your family is beautiful. (this is Kristi Poulsen from your old butler 1st ward) say hi to Monica for me. We just love your family