Dec 6, 2008

34 Weeks

The Nursery

Bryce's Day

The night before his b-day our friends, the Seyboldts had us over for din din and b-day cake!
His friend Travis gave him Tennis shorts with Pockets! SO nice.

The boys puttin together a puzzle

(this cake was nasty...i made it)
The actual morning of his birthday he made himself breakfast.....
(I actually had the idea to make him pancakes and eggs, however he wouldn't let me make them cuz i would "ruin" his birthday breakfast. Ummm....picky?)
We went to a movie and had lunch at our fav mexi restaurant

Those of you who know Bryce's past, know that a snowboarding helmet to protect the head is a great idea...right! He informed me he'll be taking it back....i'm not happy.
My parents gave him a shop-vac...he was ecstatic
That night we went to our ward Christmas party.
What a GREAT 28th b-day day, right? Lucky guy.


Elise said...

So is Briggs going to be the baby's name? It's always exciting when I hear a new name for a baby. Can't wait to see your cute little boy. (P.S. I think Bryce should keep the helmet too!)

Nat said...

Sarah! You look darling!! :) I can't wait for your lil Briggs to come! Love the name too!... we've got a Briggs in the fam. I wish you were still here! I feel horrible that we never got together! Hey!... I love ya tons beautiful!

Renee said...

I love that you have a scale right next to the crib! You crack me up! The nursery is darling and you look mighty cute! Tell your hubby to up his life insurance or keep the helmet! I am totally with you on that one! :)

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

The nursery is so cute. Your belly is protruding more and more every day. And look look as beautiful as ever. Can't wait to see you guys over Christmas.

Mark and Juli said...

I guess it's going to be BRIGGS. He is a pokey out little guy. Tell Bryce to smile when he wears the helmet he will look cuter and we'll all be smilin when he survives this winter. Do it for Briggs. Love you guys

Monica said...

Oh my gosh...the nursery is ADORABLE! Little Briggs is gonna be one lucky little guy! You seriously look like you stuffed a watermelon in your shirt! All belly! Isn't being prego so fun! You look so cute! I was laughing when I read about Bryce and the funny!

Michael said...

First of all Happy Belated Birthday. Secondly, Did you know who also shares your birthday of December 5th? My neice Lyla Elizabeth Wright. Her Birthday is 12/5/2008

Jill said...

I love that Bryce would rather make his own birthday breakfast that have you make it for him. AND I love the scale in the nursery. It adds to the decor very nicely.

(by the way, you're a pretty pregnant lady :).

Lisa said...

Have you heard of gaining pregnancy weight ALL OVER? What's up with that??? So unfair, some of us blow up in all body parts?!?! When did you start hating running/working out? I find that hilarious!!! I wish I could see you, you are freaking adorable! Its getting so close!!!!