Dec 5, 2008

~ 28 ~

Mr. Bryce is officially 28 today!
He seems to be a little overwhelmed at the idea that he's getting older. I think 28 is "that" age for him, when it hits you that life is moving along and you're right there with it.
This man makes me so happy.
I get to be married to him!
He is so kind to me. A very good husband and i KNOW he'll be an amazing father. Kids are drawn to him, all the little kids in the ward love him.
I'm impressed with Bryce's drive to be successful and support our family. He's a risk taker and a very hard worker. I appreciate that i never have to worry about his character or how he represents our family. He is a person i look up to greatly. I admire and absolutely adore him. Although we've been married for a year, every now and again i'll look at him and it hits me that we're married! I get so excited! I had to wait awhile for this guy, but he was worth the wait.
Happy Birthday my husband!


Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday Bryce! It's a good thing you're still so spry and immature cuz you're getting OLD! :) (We all are...scary that we're gonna be the parents). I hope you have a wonderful day today and get to do something fun. I love you and feel lucky to be your little sis.

Landon and Dana said...

Happy birthday old man! Hope it's a great one!

Elise said...

Happy Birthday Bryce! Don't are only as old as you feel! I need your email address so I can add you to our blog (going's lame). Also, Jill and I both want that recipe for those rolls you had for Thanksgiving. They look so yummy!