Nov 22, 2008


J.D (our bro in law) and his family; Mark, Marky & Alex came to Colorado for the Byu vs. Airforce game. We met up with them at the best restaurant EVER!

The restaurant was in the middle of nowhere, an industrial part of town and looked like a double-wide trailer, but it was the BEST steak-house in the world!

Called: EMIL-LENES Sirloin Steak-house.

It was supposed to be a "guys" trip, except for when I showed up to dinner...but i have a guy in me, so i count.
Mark recieved some ground pepper on his steak. Nothing was "minimal" here.
Thank you Mark & J.D for the fun experience, and letting me "hang" with the boys.

My Sister Aleena also visited us! I'm so happy she came to hang out with me. We went on a bike-ride in the cold. Aleena's afraid of the cold, so we bundled up like there was a blizzard and stayed warm. I showed her all around Windsor...(I think i've convinced her to move here....?)
It was so great having her here. I love my family.

Bryce and his "buddy" Travis visit each other frequently (almost daily) for a game of Tennis or Golf.
They both have flexible schedules and get-out to play with each other frequently. It's great to have such good friends in the area. I think they're going to both go through withdrawls in the Winter... (what's to be done!)

We were also visited recently by a be-a-utiful sunset! I'm in love with Sunsets. Made my day.


Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

We want to visit TOO.

Aubrey said...

Hi Sarah! It was so great to see you this weekend! You and your family are so nice. :) Congrats on your upcoming baby. You will be the best new mommy!


Aubrey Sorensen