Nov 6, 2008

New member of the family

This is Bryce's swifty 420 speedster stick-shift vehicle. He loves it. It's been his buddy for almost a year now. I never thought i would see it go. However.....

The other week Bryce came home with a climate change/little boy resistant vehicle. He traded in his speedster for it straight up. Welcome to the fam, X-terra.

(notice the snowboard rails...that's all the salesman had to throw in for Bryce to TAKE IT ON THE SPOT!)


Aleena said...

NIIICE! Sweet ride dude. Now you can tear up the mountain. Rad!

Dave and Camille said...

Welcome to Colorado! I'm a little disappointed that you didn't go with some time of Subaru... since it seems to be the state car for Colorado, but welcome to the family of those of us who own Xterra's (we bought one in February). Enjoy!