Nov 16, 2008

HaaaPY BIRTHDAY Leener Beener!!!

I'm in a state of anaphalactic shock because i didn't realize that my little sister is 27 today! I thought she was 26. Does a year make a diff? Yes. It's o.k for me to get older but i want my sis's & bro's to stay the same age. Not sure why, especially because Aleena has become the most amazing lady. So intelligent, a great Mom, very level-headed and still a blast to be around. But, i don't want to lose the memories of the girl i grew up with.

Aleena has been fascinating to watch grow-up. She's always been her own of the FUNNIEST people I've EVER known. She makes EVERY grim situation seem insignificant and light-hearted.
One of my best memories: We were cleaning the house as a fam on a saturday morning, tension and anger were running rampant. Aleena disappeared for a moment and came back into the the room where everyone was cleaning dressed in a pink leotard, tutu and hooker boots.(mind you she was in her 20's at the time) She announced that she was the happy cleaning ballerina (or something of that sort) as she pranced around the room doing pirouettes while waving her dusting stick in the air as if it was her wand. It was HILARIOUS! We all started rolling on the floor.
She was always an adventure. When i think of her i end up with a huge smile on my face and a massive chuckle protrudes. I wish i had pics to demonstrate the hilarity and fun her presence exudes. She's a special person and I'm so glad to be her older sister. I however, feel like she's an older sister. I always am calling her for advice about EVERYTHING. She is so wise.
I love you so much Leeners!
Have a special day.


Linds said...

Hi Sarah, yes I stalk your blog on occasion and I thought I would see what you may have posted today...and I loved it. I agree with everything you said about our Aleena. In a way I'm a little jealous I didn't get to grow up with her as kids. I'm sure she was a riot! Good luck with the baby and I hear you've got a little visitor coming this weekend so have so much fun!! Love ya! Linds

Aleena said...

YES!!! 27!!! I know that is quite old. Thank you so much for your wonderful post dedicated to ME! You are always so generous with your memories, thank you. I love you too. Thanks again.