Sep 22, 2008

Voters Needed....

Have you ever wondered what a Bryce & Sarah child would look like? Right. Us too.
For FHE Bryce and I mixed our facial features to create different depictions of what the kid might look like.

Please vote for your favorite. (this is a competition, so please take this seriously)

Child Lindsey #1:

Hair: Bryce
Face: Bryce
Eyebrows: Sarah
Eyes: Sarah
Iris: Bryce
Nose: Bryce
Mouth: Sarah
Chin: Bryce

Child Lindsey #2:

Hair: Bryce
Face: Sarah
Eyes: Sarah
Eyebrows: Bryce
Nose: Sarah
Mouth: Sarah
Chin: Bryce
Ears: Bryce

Child Lindsey # 3:

Hair: Sarah

Forehead: Sarah
Face: Bryce
Eyebrows: Sarah
Eyes: Bryce
Iris: Sarah
Nose: Sarah
Lips: Bryce
Chin: Bryce
For those of you who thought we would have cute kids....think again.


Evaly said...

Well, I have a feeling that your actual child will be MUCH cuter, but I vote #2!

Adrienne said...

that is freakin hilarious. your little guy will be cute for sure. i just really can't stand guys who wax their eyebrows. don't wax his brows and you'll be fine.

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Either you're having some really crazy freaky pregnant dreams or you two have way too much time on your hands. Either way, thanks for sharing because this was hilarious.

Aleena said...

What a looker! WAHOO! I vote #2, he will get anything he wants with that pout.

Ruth said...

We're having a hard time choosing which grandchild we'd vote for. #1 is gay. #2 is a burn paient. #3 is a serial killer. So, we pick # 2 He has a face only a grandmother could love!

Jill said...

Wow. I'm actually speechless, but I have to agree with adrienne on the eyebrow waxing.

On a totally unrelated note, I came across this interview and thought of you two and your new business plans. It's maybe the coolest thing I've seen.

Jessett said...

OMG! I am peeing my pants right now. That is a tough decision. I think I like the second one the best. LOL!!!

Living in a small town you guys have found some interesting things to do to past the time. LOL!

April said...

HAHAHA!!!! I totally just got in trouble because I am in the library and I started laughing so hard! Sadly enough I completely agree with Ruthie, #3 totally looks like it's his mugshot! I'm going to go with the best is #2 because of the eyebrows.

How did you do this? I need to know because this can help me weed out the guys I date.

Mark and Juli said...

I can't decide. I think...#3. For sure #3. Mark

Mark and Juli said...

#1 looks like Fire Marshall Bill.

Nedra said...

You guys are so hilarious! And I love the comments just as much! I think your mom's response was the best. I'm going to have to show this one to Amy and Aubrey. You need to put one of those pictures on your baby announcement, don't you think?

The Ballstaedt's said...

You two just make me laugh! Joel and I have talked about how much fun your family is! (and this last post is totally what we mean!) Your kid is going to be amazing.

The Ballstaedt's said...

Oh Ya We vote for # 2!

Layton family said...

#2. They are all a little too freaky though. No worries, they will be beautiful, even if you are the only ones that think so. =?

Monica said...

That is hilarious!! haha!! so hard to choose...i'm gonna have to say #3...but then again, he does kinda look like a serial killer! ;-) Hope all is going well with the pregnancy! Just wait until you hold your little guy in your's incredible!