Sep 13, 2008

The Rockies ~

We decided to go on a hike today up in the beauuuutiful mountains

We found an awesome waterfall in rocky mtn national park.

The hike required this one pregnant woman to cross rapids by balancing on tree limbs, stopping massive boulders from falling on her head by using HCG-stealth muscular discharge....simple stuff.

Bryce had a hard time crossing the tiny stream....but i cheered him on.

He made it

The scenery was magnificant.

We saw 5 man elk and a bunch of his mistresses. They were everywhere and only a couple feet away from us! They weren't scared of us, not like those deer. I saw a mom elk feeding her little made me happy. Its weird how i notice Mom things like that now a days.


Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

It looks so beautiful. Eric and I are trying to figure out when we can come see our family in CO. You look beautiful with that belly. Your place looks great, you're all settled in. I was laughing with the picture of your niece's black feet... No place for a baby. The nursery is gorgeous, you're so prepared.

Keep us updated with news from you guys, we miss you.

Justin + Kelly said...

WOW!! It looks so fabulous! What a fun place to be and looks like you got all settled in. Cheers to CO.

ps. Your little belly is soo cute!

Mark and Juli said...

It was great to hear from you guys last night. Adriene hooked us up with a blogspot so I guess we're in. Your place looks great. We sure do love you both. Sarah you look great. I'm sure Bryce is pampering you. He better.