Sep 12, 2008

The Move....goodye cali.

My mom & sisters were thankfully in-town and helped us pack it all up. I wasn't much of a help. Poor Bryce had to get all the heavy stuff.

I made Bryce get out of bed to take this picture...his scowly face and matted hair are classic in the mornings.Little Laila's feet and knees were black from walking and crawling on our carpet! SICK! Our carpet was definately place for a baby.

We moved to Windsor, a little Town in Northern Colorado
This is our condo. We live on the 3rd floor. Perfect to view the train that comes by frequently.

I love trains, but some of the conductors are a little honk-happy.

The truck carrying all our furniture was late. It didn't arrive until a couple days after we arrived.

This is Bryce's make-shift office. We sat on the ground most of the time and we slept on our air-mattress that has a hole in it. Every couple hours during the night Bryce woke-up to re-fill the mattress as i layed past out on it. What a good hubbie.

Bryce got his 1st snow-cone machine!!!!! He's SO excited!Mark & Julie White sent us an awesome going-away gift from California. They decided to make the first investment into Bryces' future money-makin biznass of selling ice by giving the guy his own machine! .....They know a potential zillion dollar industry when they see one!

This is it!!!!

Bryce has already picked out the spot on main-street that he will set up his little shaved-ice shop.

our home..

Our Town...

a couple months ago a tornado swept through the town and devistated the place. Many Many houses were destroyed. This is a building right by where we live.

This lake is located across the street from our condo. Its small but you can water-ski on it! That makes Bryce happy! ...if only he had a boat.

We are surrounded by beautiful corn fields! They are gorgeous!Main Street Windsor

We're happy to be here. Its a beautiful town.

Before we even arrived the relief society pres from the ward was calling to see if she could adopt us and have us stay at her house since our furniture hadn't arrived. We stayed there the first night. Her and her husband were so nice! Everyone in the ward has been extremely friendly. The elders quorom presidency, young mens, missionaries and others helped us carry all our furntiture to the 3rd floor when it arrived.

Its nice to have such wonderful people help us out and make us feel welcome.


Erin Spenc said...

Your home is so beautiful! I love the nursery. You have so much stuff already! I can't wait til we throw you a shower so I can see all the fun things you get. Baby boys are the best. Congrats on the move!

Elise said...

So happy to see that you guys made it ok and that you love it there! We will miss you guys a lot! We know about the train conductors personalities. Some are just a little angry at the world! You will get used to it.

Carly said...

although we hardly got to know you guys- you will be missed. good luck to the three of you- truly. it is so fun to take a leap and an adventure at the same time- those kinds of things tend to be some of the best decisions we ever make! take care!

Anonymous said...

Windor looks beautiful, I hope everything works out for you there. Keep me posted on the little guy, you look great for being almost 6 months pregnant.