Aug 6, 2008


YUP, Bryce & I are making the move. We're moving to Windsor, Colorado in 3 weeks.

We took a trip out there 2 weeks ago driving all over the state to find and area we fell in love with...Windsor. Located between fort collins and greeley in Northern CO.
We're excited for the new adventures we will have. Bryce wants to start 2 little businesses.
The bummer is the lack of family in that area...none, almost. It'll be hard to leave our dear friends & family

Potentially Bryce wants to have a chain of shaved-ice shacks and he also wants to rent bed-parts to hospitals. I love that he is a little Entrepreneur.

Colorado is a beautiful area and we're pumped to live there.


Dave and Camille said...

I, for one, am thrilled that you guys are moving to Colorado... it will be nice to have relatives in the state even if you are two hours north. :) Glad to see you made it to Garden of the Gods, isn't it beautiful!

McGiven Family.... said...

Hopefully Geoff and Aleena will be there soon! Plus Colorado is a great place to visit. I am so excited for your new adventure!

Justin + kelly said...

That is so exciting for you guys! And congrats, yeah for a boy! what a fun time ahead of you.