Apr 30, 2008

Tennis with Tom & Nan

For FHE we hung out with Bryce's Parents.
Tennis is fun...wish i knew how to play, so does Bryce (i made us lose)
However, Tom & Nan rocked it up.

Afterward we went & watched the movie EXPELLED: No intelliegence Allowed. Ben Stein

It's a documentary about how science is persecuting educators & philosophers if they go against the theory of Evolution & challenge Darwin's theory. These Evolutionists want to silence any ideas that the origin of mankind came by an Intelligent designer. Its Modern Persecution in the land of the Free! Scientist(Athiests) are scared that the teaching of divine intelligence will bring religion into schools, government or even science.
You'll laugh at their scientific definitions of Human Origin.
Its interesting how non-intelligent you can become when you shut out the ultimate intelligent designer from your life.

I really liked the film...but, i enjoy that kind-of stuff.


Layton family said...

Hey, it was really fun seeing you guys this weekend. I am quite impressed at how quick it happened too. Bryce is darling, I am glad the guys got to meet. Hope to see you tommorrow?

Erin & Jordan Spencer said...

Lovin the new look on your blog!