Apr 30, 2008

So Liiiike, our apartment has been totally scorchin...

We don't have AC.... and its HOT! Hotness = Pass out

Bryce & I went on an early morning bike-ride over the weekend.
Bryce is the masta of the pop-a-wheeliee...he totally taught me. If you look incredibly close my front tire is getting massive air!


Elise said...

We did the bike ride thing this weekend too! I remember doing that a lot when we were in our apartment...along with lurking around malls, grocery stores, and movie theaters, anywhere there was a/c.

Camille said...

I know how you feel with the whole lack of a/c thing, our house doesn't have it either and I am dying! We're actually looking into a portable room a/c unit. You can find them pretty cheap on Craigslist. Good luck!