Apr 17, 2008

My Missionary

My little brother Dougie Buggie just received his mission call to the
Mexico, Mexico City West Mission!
I'm so proud of him. He is such a good kid, so ready to serve the Lord. He will be an amazing missionary, because he is truly that, an amazing person.
How did he get old enough for this? Before my mission i would pick him up and throw him over my shoulder and call him my sack 'a taters...that was not very long ago, right?!
Now he could dink me upside the head as he peers down upon my frame...when did he get taller than me?...can't even show 'im up with the heels!!!
My little buggie has become a man....so proud.

I was secretly hoping he would get called to Russia, so we could speak Russian together.
But....the Lord knows best.

Good luck my buddy!


JD and Adrienne said...

that is awesome! way to go Doug! he is such a great kid. I was telling JD that I can't wait to raise teenage boys if they're good boys like your brothers!

Monica said...

Hey Sarah and Bryce!

We have a new website for our blog. I had to change it because of security reasons. Sean doesn't even want me to have a blog because he's a cop so i had to remove our last name from our blog and blog address. would you mind just putting us on your friends list as "Sean and Monica" instead of having our last name? sorry about the strange request... :-)

our new link to our blog is


Hope you guys are doing well!


Carly said...

Sarah- sorry I didn't get a chance to chat- seriously wanted to. My little brother gets home in a few months from Florida. It is so weird to send them off- :-( I imagine your brother is already amazing but will be that much more amazing when he returns. I know my brother is going to be.

I love the feelings buried alive never die book too- humm. Seriously- we need to chat! funcarly.blogspot.com