Apr 11, 2008

gReeN GoOdnESs

I ordered a basket of ORGANIC food from a local farm.
It arrived yesterday & you would of thought i birthed my first baby...i was ecstatic!
Do Vegetable get any prettier than this?!!!! My life is A-mazing.

I spent all night neatly washing and packaging each item...and realized, late into the night, that i must be a bit "off," or "weeew'd,"as my nephew puts it. hummm?

I even pulled out Bryce's food "preferences" and compared it to my green goodness...we'll see who lives longer.


Aleena said...

WOWZA!!! That is the most beautiful basket. How did you find your organic farmer? THat basket is the only reason I would live in California.

Jason and Kelsey said...

hahaha! that picture of bryce's favorite foods compared to your healthy stuff was too funny!

Tom and Nan said...

Forget eating the food, just take pictures! It looks beautiful! I love it Sarah. I'm sorely tempted to order my own basket.

Monica said...

Oh my gosh! I had heard that Bryce had gotten married, but I had no idea that he married you! Congratulations! You guys are such a beautiful couple! hope married life is treating you both well!


Carly said...

Hey- found you through Julieanne- I love organicexpress.com (they deliver to my house)although they recently changed to spud.com so we will see if tomorrow's delivery is as great as the others have been. You and I would get along fabulously! I love my juicer too and my vitamix- I use the vitamix every single day! So fun to have found you here- I hope that is okay! Carly

JD and Adrienne said...

Yum! I want some.

Skilly Blue said...

What farm...let me know! -Lindsey