Mar 28, 2008

nacxa - Easter

In Russia when you walk down the streets on Easter or paskha, people will say to you "Jesus has risen!", you then respond with "It is True He HAS risen!" They sell these big loafs of bread that look like eggs slathered with sugar frosting..look good, but taste stale.....
.......I like our American eggs better, they have money in them!
To make the Easter egg hunt more challenging for the big kids, we each had to have an impairment, making it more difficult to find the eggs. This required more strategy and physical prowess.


DARCY: Wore a helmet with red goggle glasses that impaired his visual depth perception.

RUSSELL: Wore swim goggles with masking tape impairing his vision entirely.

DOUG: Wore fake hair that increased dehydration in the hot sun & tied his feet together with a rope impairing his mobile ability, requiring him to jump & leap.

APRIL: Wore hot pad mitts extremely limiting her ability to pickup & deposit eggs in her basket.

SARAH: I had to ride a broom. (There should be no interpretation into this impairment by the reader)

ALEENA: Wore a hand towel over her head? This would not be considered an impairment especially because the video camera caught you removing this impairment at the beginning of the hunt and then secretly replacing it at the end. huh, wonder why she received the largest portion of eggs...cheat'r.

GEOFF: Wore his clothes. He came AS IS. That was enough of an impairment for him...poor guy.

Bryce and I spent the actual day of Easter at his parents house with His family. All his sisters and Brother came into town and we had a great time, eating, hanging out & egg hunting. Was so nice to have everyone together.


JD and Adrienne said...

Easter was so fun. Love all the updates on the blog. Your family is so fun. That Cafe Rio salad was amazing. I'm bummed I missed out on Beach Berries. Oh well, I have something to look forward to next time. Luv ya!

JD and Adrienne said...

ps- how do you put a big picture in the heading of your blog?

Aleena said...

You are very funny! I love how you explained our impairments. And, my towel FELL off and in my competitiveness I didn't even realize it. Too bad Ruthie had a video camera!

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Yeah for updating our blog. I've been waiting for something new. Good description of the setbacks, looks hilarious.!

Aleena said...

I just wanted you to know that I totally ripped off your discription of the "impairments". I was laughing so hard and I knew I couldn't come up with anything better. I did give you the credit. You are one funny lady!

Jason and Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness I didn't know you had a blog! I'm so glad I found you! We had so much fun hanging out with you guys the other night at the angels game...we'll have to do it again soon!!

Em-Cat said...

Hi Sarah! It was so fun having you over for Knit Night! We'll have to do it again and teach you how! Love the blog's super fun.


JD and Adrienne said...

Thank you so much for your "comment." I have really been feeling ALL of those things you said are the emotional roots of back pain. That is so interesting and I didn't even think that I needed to heal emotionally first. (But I just bought A New Earth online so maybe that will help :). How exactly do I do it though? Just get rid of it? I'll work on it. Anyways, to post random pics, just go to google images, save it to the computer, then upload it the same way you would any pic. I also learned how to link websites! So let me know if you want to do that. I'm just so blog savvy. And about the pic at the top, that's so funny cuz I'm always wishing I had cool wedding pics like you have :). So I think I beat your long post.