Mar 28, 2008

Boarding trip to Utah

Bryce & I took our last snowboarding trip for the season up in Utah. We stayed with my family and Adri, Jess, Mike & Spencer went boarding with us. Afterwards we went to my parents house and had dinner. They made Cafe Rio Salads..are you kidding me, They were better by far than cafe rio! My mom and sisters are so talented!

Both my sisters from Vegas (Aleena & Monica) were up in utah at the same time Bryce and I were there. We had a great time.
Going to church with all the grand kiddies.

AFter a long day of boarding Bryce took off with my little bros to get in a session of extreme long-boarding. He came back with scrapes and bruises....thank goodness he wore a helmet.


skyler said...

Dinner was fun the other night, thanks for inviting us along.

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Oh btw, this is the first I have really checked out your blog. very cool, you guys are fun.