Feb 22, 2008

Our Autobiography

ABOUT US......
SARAH'S Answers are in White
BRYCE'S Answers are in Yellow

What's his name?
Bryce Andrew Lindsey. The family calls him Bubba. He's also known as Erik...that would be the name i introduced him as on our first date. Forgot his name! (i wasn't aware that he had a brother named Erik). Totally embarrassing.
Her name is Sarah...sometimes. Wife, Love-muffin, Smoochie smoo, and also..... Sweet hotness of luv.

How long have you been together?
We've been "together" ....
Physically for 3 months
Emotionally for 9.5 months
Mentally for 13 months (for me), and 9.5 months (for him). ...i liked him first.
Long enough to not want to remember what it was like without her.

How long did you date?
We dated 2.7 months before we got engaged.
another 2.2 months before we got married.
Which equals a total of: 5.1 months
A couple months

How old is he?
He is 27...although he told someone the other day he was 28...weird, that's my age.
She's 33....no, something like 24?

Who eats more?
I eat 3 times as many meals as Bryce per day, i consume his left-overs and over-eat everything i put in my mouth. He sat me down last night and told me i needed to stop spending so much money on food. hmmm.
She thinks she does. But i could whoop her in a french-fry eating contest any-time.

Who said i love you first?
Bryce told me he loved me on top of the houseboat in lake-powell while laying under the star-studded sky.
She said it with her eyes many times, but i said the words first

Who's taller?
He is...unless i'm wearing my black Jessica Simpson heels in which i'm pushing the rafters at 6'3"
She's taller than my friend spencer.

Who can sing better?
Bryce has this amazing opera voice that i love! I feel like i'm on the love boat as his deep voice vibrates while he winks, sways & smiles largely. Totally cabaret. Everyone should experience it!
We make a fantastic duet when we sing in different languages & accents

Who's smarter?
It depends on the subject....Bryce is usually more knowledgeable, level-headed & logical = smarter.
That's an easy one, i can assemble furnature & she can write books....i am.

Who does laundry?
Whoever needs clean clothes usually ends up doing the deed. (sarah)
who does it better? takes me 1 hour, its an all day event for her....you make the call.

Who pays the bills?
It takes me a couple hours to compare & contrast my personal expense inventory to the bill statement i receive in the mail, then of course i need to make phone-calls to the credit card companies to inform them of their mistakes, in-which they inform me of mine. Then i have to log, record & try to comprehend the situation while wiping away tears.....so we both decided it probably was a good idea to stick with Bryce's 5 minute bill paying method.
We've got a really good thing goin. She brings the money in & i pay the money out.

Who sleeps on the Right side?
I do.
Does this meanbwhen you're laying down in the bed, or if you're looking at the bed...because that means i could be on either the left OR the right....i'm confused?

Who mows the lawn?
I clean out the garage!?
ooooohhhh lawnnnn! I want me some lawn.

Who drives?
He thinks he's a better driver.....whatevs!
He definately is a faster driver with his speedy mazda 360 road speedster stick shift vehicle.
To avoid annoying co-driving. We take seperate cars. (So he can speed!)

Who's Stubborn?
Ummm... good question.
Neither one of us....unless sarah said i was, then i will say she is.

Who asked who out first?
He did. That's when i called him the wrong name.
It took him 5 more months to ask me out again, except for this time is wasn't a "date," it was more like a "do you wanna go do something," which translated as, "Do you want to go for a walk?" From that walk on, we've been together.
I did, but i would have done it sooner, if her little sister didn't say i wasn't good enough for her.

Who Proposed?
I forced him to propose because of my emotions.
I did. I figured she was pretty neat'n all.

Who has more friends?
The only friends we hang out with is Tom & Nan. (Bryce's parents)
They're our favorite!
She does. She has more people in her family....we're pathetic.

Who's more sensitive?
I cry a lot...
apparently i am, because when we give each other massages she digs into my skin extremely hard, so i do it the same way back to her & she likes it!

Who has more siblings?
Me. Six in my family, four in his.
She does. But my family could take hers' anyday.

Who wears the pants?
Bryce doesn't know pants exist, but he has them occupied...i try to squeeze into one leg every now & again.
We both do....the same pair everyday....we need to go shopping.

10 Random things about Bryce

  • I have good-looking feet
  • I can yo-yo like a champ
  • I make fart noises with the palm of my hand & my eyesocket.
  • Ping-pong is my bestest sport
  • I'm a Clippers fan.
  • I love split-pea soup.
  • I watch American Idol & i'm in-luuvv with Carrie Underwood
  • In middle school, i was in a roller-blading gang. The bandet racers. Arrh!
  • I weigh 190 lbs
  • When i watch t.v. i'm unable to focus on anything else.....what? Is somebody talking? huh.
10 Random things about Sarah

  • I crack all my bones & pull out my eyebrown & eyelashes. I promised Bryce i would overcome these creepy habits my March 1st, wish me luck!
  • I love wind & overcast days.
  • I don't enjoy shopping or going to the "spa."
  • My favorite time of day is in the early morning when its just barely starting to get light outside because there is this fresh smell that only exists at that specific time.
  • I like to make lists, clean-house & worry about my clients
  • I secretly wish i could sing.
  • I enjoy getting up in the morning because i'm so excited to eat breakfast!
  • My car is always a crazy mess & it smells bad.
  • I secretly want to live in a small po-dunk town where there is less people & more space!
  • I love the smell of dirt.
  • When i was in 2nd grade i wrote a poem about the color green....i still remember it.


Justin and kelly said...

A cute way to get some insight into your life. I'm justin's wife, bryce's good friend, and am eager to meet you. i think your wedding announcement is still on our fridge :). its good to see everything is going well for you!

Tom and Nan said...

I think I love this girl my son has married! Seriously- How did he land her??? Tom

"Nat"--"Natty--"Nat-dawg"--"Nats"--"Nat-lee"--"Matty"--"Nada-wee".... said...

Oh sweet Sarah! You are darling!... I love your humor! Can't wait to get together and get to know Bryce better too! I asked Josh if you two had met and he said you had! Your last place in Cedar... remember? Or are you having a lapse of memory like your "Erik" incident?! LOL!... that's great! He probably needed a good 5 months to recover from that one! LOL! Anyway, I've been here for a few months now. We live close by LMU... on the border of Culver City and Westchester. About 10-15 minutes from school (USC) for Josh. I can't wait to see you! Send me your e-mail! Love you beautiful! :) Nat

"Nat"--"Natty--"Nat-dawg"--"Nats"--"Nat-lee"--"Matty"--"Nada-wee".... said...

Hey Sarah, to get some music... go to my site and on the bottom where my music is, just click on create playlist. It will take you to their website where you can create your own list and get codes. You can put on just a couple of songs or 100 like I did! :) So easy! Love ya! :)

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Sarah, I love you. You are so awesome. I'm glad you're my new sister. Sam

P.S I was laughing about who is the better driver.

Kassing Family said...

It was so fun to read about you two. Hope you are doing well. You seem so happy and in Love! I forget how funny you are. But I do remember your awesome singing voice, especially coming from the morning showers in college! Have an awesome day!

Elise said...

There is a yogurt place by our house that is supposed to be pretty similar to Yogurtland. We need to test it out.

Cairen said...

That was so much fun reading your blog! You guys are the cutest thing ever! Those pictures of your guys snowboarding look so fun!

Erin said...

what a fun post! it is so cool to read more about you sarah!! you are beautiful! and bryce, you are cool too.

Aleena said...

I love it! I think that is so fun that both you and Bryce did this together. I am also so glad that you finally updated your blog! By the way Bryce, you might want to watch your back. 8 against 6 not good odds!

Tom&Brooke said...

Sarah, as I was blog-surfing, I came across your name...I didn't know it was you because I never learned your new last name, but holy cow, that was awesome to have you answer all those questions and it was darling! I like how you blog your FHE events! That is really cute! You look like such a fun couple! Love your cousin, Brooke

julieannepapa said...

I love your blog. It's totally cute and I liked learning about you and Bryce. It was fun to hang out w/you and the girls the other night. Julieanne

Photography by Evaly said...

Okay, you guys are so cute together! You've updated your blog a lot since the last time I looked- that was fun to read :) See ya Sunday.