Jan 19, 2008

Our Engagement

Bryce and i got engaged in August of 2007, and married on November 3rd.

It was exactly a year ago this week (Jan 18th)that we officially met each other. It's amazing what can happen in just one year. My life is so Wonderful. Bryce is my best friend...i love him.


Justin and Heidi Nelson said...

k, so this is totally random, but I used to be in Bryce's ward when we were kids... our families have always stayed in touch! Congratulations for the both of you! isn't being married wonderful? I just got married last summer and it's the best 8 months of my life, hands down. You two make a beautiful couple! Don't know if bryce is like my hubby, but he doesn't spend too much time reading our comments... so give him a hello from utah for me! Good luck in 2008!
Heidi Johnson
ps, you look familiar

Burnhams said...

okay, we really need to send you something for your wedding... what's your address???

Aleena said...

Oh my Gosh! I can't believe that you guys have known each other that long. Sarah, didn't you call bryce the wrong name on your first date? that is so funny.

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...

Hey Sarah, I love your blog. I want to see more pictures of the honeymoon. We need to go down there, we are aching for some decent weather and ocean air. Sammy

Abby R. said...

Sar, so glad I found your blog! Call me! Hope you are both doing well. Love you.

the Eggett's said...

Sarah, Cute blog. You two are gorgeous! I found your blog through Aleena's, and it is Darling. I am glad to hear that you and Bryce are doing well. Can't wait to see you again!
Love, your cousin, Amber