May 8, 2011

MaMa's Day!!!

Wishing all the Mother's in our lives
 "Happy Mothers Day!"
We love you immensely!

May 5, 2011

Grammy Nan

It's our Grammy Nan's Birthday Today!!!
Briggsie did his best job posing for these pictures because I told him in was Grammy's Birthday.  
He even sang her the "happy birthday" song, (his favorite), as he posed (notice top right).  

He loves his Grammy!
We hope you have a wonderful day Nan!
Love you SO much! 

Mar 21, 2011

The Birthday Grammy Girl

Happy Birthday to our Grammy Ruthie TODAY!!!
Briggs called the birthday girl this morning and sang his favorite song....   "haddy booday tu oooh."

We're so lucky to have such a special Grandma and Mother.
Have a wonderful day Mom!  Wish we could be there with you!!
B, S, Briggsie Boy xx

Mar 7, 2011


Did you know....

That when you clean out your fireplace with a vacuum,

this can happen......

Ya, me neither.
Time for a new vacuum :(

Feb 26, 2011

Snow Lovers

I like snow, only when It's warm outside.  Today it was.
I broke out Briggsies new Snowboard and we gave it a whirl.
He was so ready, and SO into the idea.
 With a little help from Dad, Briggs was all smiles and couldn't get enough of snowboarding.
 Then He just took off himself.... huh?!  Ya, this kid is a Lindsey. 
 The little man is hooked, just like his Dad. 
 We made our first snowman.  He was a bit tipsy and immediately fell over. (notice his right eye in the process of falling out as well)  I need more practice with snowman constructing. 
 Then onto snowball throwing.  Briggsies favorite past-time is throwing.  He was in heaven. 
 Bryce and I also got a little snow ourselves.  We went up to a resort and went snowboarding and stayed the night at a nice condo for Valentines.   
It's been a pretty good winter.  Snows one day, then melts the next.   Glad we had an opportunity to play in it. 

Jan 18, 2011

2 & 30

Bryce Turned 30! I can't believe I'm married to such a young lad!

Our little Briggsie also had a birthday and turned 2! He's our big boy. 
He's started to talk bunches the past month and is HILarious!  
Favorite things:
Playing basketball, watching Movies (Nemo), binkies, unscrewing lids, eating toothpaste, taking vent covers out of the floor,  going to the gym, eating pancakes (waffles) & eggs, drinking water, and LOVES dancing and singing.  

Oct 23, 2010

A Frightening Infatuation

Haunted Farm House.
Love this creepy place. 
This is an abandoned farm that I discovered close to our home.
Both Bryce and Briggs are afraid of this place. I however, could come here everyday and just hang out.
On one of my "hang-out" occasions I met the owner as he made his monthly drive-by.
He let me go through the place and take whatever I wanted. I nabbed some old doors and windows!
Not quite sure what I'm going to do with them. But they rock!
There's something about boys and random toilets that go together.

This Place is beautiful, even though It's totally haunted and scary, I could live here. sigh.

On a different note, we had an awesome time at the local pumpkin patch.
Briggs was in heaven.
He was more into the farm equipment, random contraptions, and jumping off things, than the pumpkins. (umm...apparently so was I)

Sep 22, 2010

A whole Litter

This Feral Cat,

Gave birth to these 6 kittens

Under our deck

We are now the proud owners of 7 cats.
Cheetos, Tom, Carrot-top, Black n' Blue, Ruthie, Mailman,
and Mum (I love the Brits accent for Mom)

We're not really animal people.

But, look how cute they are!

We're not quite sure what to do with them though......?

Anyone want this cute little face?!!! How could you not.

Sep 20, 2010


I'm pretty much in-love with taking pictures of Briggs.
He's the perfect little subject for my photography obsession
And as you know, I can NEVER post just 1 picture.
(Although I'm sure the Grammy's & Papa's don't mind :)
His new favorite things: Vitamins!!!! Usually the first thing he says when he wakes is "Buddy do" Which translated means...Vitamins.
His next favorite word is "Shaved Ice" (thanks to Dad) and is pronounced: "Dice"
I got him this cute little skateboard because he was trying to get on Daddy's big skateboards, which scared me, so I thought a littler one would be a safer bet.
As you can see he's already doing tricks off the thing.
I've been informed this trick is called the "kick foot."
Other Briggsie Words:
Chip Dip (Tip Dip)
I love You (I ya yoo)
I got it (I gog ees)
Oh no (ah no)
I don't know (I ha no)
Water (wa wa)

The funniest thing he says, that his Dad taught him, is "Uncle."
He says this whenever we are wrestling, hugging, holding or cuddling him in anyway.
It means...let me go!
I pulled out my camera the other night, Briggs saw me, got a terrified look on his face and ran/sprinted away, looking back multiple times to assure I wasn't "following" him.
Yikes. I might need some other people to practice on. I'm creating a camera phobic child. Sad :(

Sep 9, 2010

Been around...

We've had a lot of fun travels this summer.
We went to California...
It was really special for Briggs to hang out with his Grammy & Papa
Lake Powell...
Bryce and I went wakeboarding together
Bryce did tricks over my head
Notice, I was afraid for my life
I did my own little tricks. Observe MASSIVE air below!
Briggs even got out there on his 1st wakeboard run at 18 months old and LOVED it.
We had lots of toddler skinny-dipping going on.
I was afraid that Briggs would fall/jump into the water without a life-vest. Mainly because, that's something he would do. But I didn't have to worry. He loved the water, and has actually since learned how to hold his breath under water and tread/dog paddle in the water without a life vest.

Salt Lake, Utah...
We welcomed my Brother Doug home from his mission from Mexico City, and sent my other Brother Russell out on his Mission to Columbia.
Park City...
Doug brought home the family some native Mexican outfits. We had a lot of fun dressing up.
Bryce and I went to the Olympic village and went bobsledding.
Bryce felt like it was the most intense thing he has ever done. Ever.
Washington D.C...
We attended the Restoring Honor Rally hosted by Glenn Beck. It was AWESOME!!!
There were SO MANY people there for the same reason we were. We LOVE our Country.
I made Bryce take me over to the Lincoln memorial the morning of the Rally at 5:00 a.m to get a spot. It started at 10:00 a.m. There were already thousands of people there. I got a decent spot, but the crowds were amazing. After the rally was over and the huge crowds were dispersing, we got a cool picture of the Lincoln memorial where it was held.
and yes, I SAW Abe Lincoln. alive!
Bryce was able to give a press conference behind the Presidential podium.
We loved Washington D.C. Especially the rally and viewing all our nations historical monuments/documents.
It was super cool.

Briggsie is cuter than ever lately.
He was a little trooper through our travels.
Now we are home and Briggsie has become a ninja ...
When I pull out my camera he makes it clear that he doesn't like it.
...threatens my life.
Thank goodness he can't remain a bully for long.
We had a fun Summer.
Briggsie misses his Cousins, Aunties, Uncles, Papa's, & Grammy's